Saturday, July 23, 2005

perfect day 

10:30am - wake up, throw on work out clothes, grab an orange juice and a granola bar, and head out the door

11:00am - get to Curves for good workout - decent music this time, yay!

11:47am - get home, shower, feel cleansed and energized

12:00pm - eat bagel with cream cheese and fresh tomatoes

12:30pm - leave with Kev to ghetto mall to see Batman. realize we will not be seeing willy wonka in an *ahem* two-for-one deal because it's showing on the other side of the theater. crap.

2:30pm - realize both of you are bugged by the fact that the microwave weapon doesn't seem to have any vaporizing affect on humans, who are in fact, mostly water.

3:15pm - leave theater, famished. peruse new coupon book. select "the roman lily cafe" on Highland. a new place for us.

3:45pm - arrive at restaurant, the only patrons for a very early dinner. select the grilled halibut with spinach and dill havarti macaroni, while kev orders the polenta and scallops.

4:00 - enjoy the quirky decor and funky art work. enjoy the yummy grilled halibut. enjoy the open small kitchen, where one of the chefs is making mashed potatoes, and adding about 3lbs of butter and copious amounts of heavy cream. regret not ordering the mashed potatoes.

4:45 - head to Brusters for ice cream. me: fudgie cheesecake, him: vanilla turtle. realize I have completely negated the effects of working out at curves, and ordering fish instead of the lamb tenderloin. oh well...

5:00 - arrive home, call Jamie and wish her a happy birthday. laugh my ass of when she tells me what her mom got her. reprimand her AGAIN for opening my gift early. Promise severe punishment next time i see her. she is not fazed. must work on intimidation skills.

5:30 - do bad things to Kev.

5:50 - Kev does bad things to me

6:30 - nap

7:00 - 9:00 - putter around, read blogs, eat Dutch creamy bleu cheese spread on crackers, Kev plays video game.

9:30 - pop some frozen burritos in the microwave. invent tropical fruity drink:

passionate bananas
1 cup passionfruit nectar
1 very soft banana
spiced rum
triple sec

blend and enjoy

9:45 - blog about what a perfect wonderful day I had!

mad props

Big smooches and many thanks to Se7en, who tweakified my template for me so that it looks good at any resolution. so if you have lame-ass 800x600 resolution, you no longer have to scroll sideways! aren't you thrilled? BOW DOWN AND KISS THE FEET OF HE-WHO-IS-CALLED-SE7EN!

(seriously, se7en...money? first born? brownies?)