Monday, July 25, 2005

noodlin' around 

Sunday glorious sunday....we did JACK SQUAT!

I lazed around in my pj's for most of the day. Something which proved a little too much for Kev to handle, as I don't wear panties under my short nightshirt. So as much as he had protested earlier that morning because he wanted to get resume's and research done...he ended up ravaging me anyway. Which sapped his strength and will to work for a few hours.

For which he blamed ME. Hey, I was watching TV, minding MY OWN BUSINESS! I can't help if if the site of my nekkid bottom still turns him on ;)

Anyway...much lounging and munching of snacks. For dinner I tried a new noodle recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, who usually annoys the fuck out of me with her upperclass Hamptons (or wherever her beach house is)lifestyle. But the sczechuan noodles looked too yummy. I just substituted soy nut butter for the peanut butter.

Work today has been sloooooow but boooorrring. My advisor is at a conference...the one I was supposed to go to, but decided I couldn't afford to lose the time in the lab. WAAAHHH!!! It's my favorite conference! In Snowmass Colorado! So pretty! Dammit!

But the good news is that I can slack off a little bit since she's not around. So I slept in this morning...ahhh...nice!

evil groveling

Once again, the recipe sitehas become neglected. If anyone would like to be a submitter, PLEASE let me know. OR if you have an occasional recipe you'd like to share, you're always welcomed to email me. I know I've got some lurkers in blogville and in "real life" (YOU, YES...YOU! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS! AND I KNOW YOU HAVE RECIPES!!!) who might have expressed an interest in submitting some.

Don't make me beg, people.