Sunday, July 03, 2005

Made it! 

I picked Kev up from work in the HUGE Silver Dodge Ram Quadcab we rented, at around 4:30. Trying to get out of atlanta at THAT time on the start of a holiday weekend was not a good idea, but we had no choice. It took us an hour just to get to mostly clear highway and good driving.

The truck had cruise control, which my car does not, so ahhhh...just cruisin' along. I drove the first shift, almost to west virginia, while kev tried to sleep.

Gaffney peach butt

When we pulled over for gas, we switched, around 11pm. Kev took over and I tried to get some sleep. I had been hopped up on MUCH caffeine, and Kev was very entertained with how wired I was. But once we got on I-79, I drifted off. It wasn't restful, and I was worried how rested Kev was. I didn't want HIM drifting off!

Around 3am he pulled us over at a rest stop and we took a 3 hour nap - I laid my seat back, and rested my head on the center section, whle Kev laid his head on my lap. We were dead to the world until it started to get light, around 6am. And the fog had rolled in.


We left at 6am and drove a few more miles before finding an exit with a McDonalds. Mmmm....bacon egg n cheeeese bagel...AND COFFEE! I also chugged back one of those canned starbucks espresso double shots. Weeeee...caffeine!!!

Kev drove while I napped (amazingly, after all that caffeine) and woke me when we got to PA. I needed to navagate him the last few miles. We pulled into my parents' drive way around 9am. My mom came out to greet us, and I looked up at the house to see if my father was coming down.

He was standing in the doorway waving...ON CRUTCHES!

"why is dad on crutches????"

"Oh, he fell down the last few basement steps last thursday."


Drives me nuts.

Anyway, we sat and chatted with my parents for awhile, watched Venus win Wimbleton, and dozed on the couch.

1:45 I got my hair cut. came home, took a bath, got dressed, and was off to my reunion.

I took lots of pics of the reunion, but my parents don't have any photo editing softwear I can play with. I need to add black boxes over faces, to protect the inno...well, protect people. So I probably won't blog about the reunion until we get back to the ATL. For now I will just say that it was interesting, and I had fun...but I'm not sure I ever need to go to another one.

But there's plenty of pics from the drive up over at my flickr site!