Sunday, July 17, 2005

if you want to destroy my sweater.... 

OK, big hugs and mucho thank go out to my friend...wait...he likes to be anonymous. OK, this is a "real life" friend who reads my blog (in spite of the hot monkey sex).

Anyway, this WONDERFUL friend made me...AN ANIMATED HEADER! HOORAY! Think I got it working OK.

So to my "anonymous" friend - big smooches!

This blog redesign has been fun! sort of. it's the first time I attempted to really change the layout, and not just colors and fonts. Quite the edu-ma-cation.

I know not everyone's a fan of the new font, and the immobile background, but I like it. And really, I can't please everyone all the time. So I might as well just please myself.



pull this thread as I walk away

Last night, Weezer played at a free concert downtown. I enjoy the weezer, but not enough to pay for a show, so this sounded perfect. A bunch of us from the lab were going to meet up at Underground to attend the concert.

First Kev and I went out to my favorite noodle bowl place...but ended up with sushi instead. I figured eating a HUGE BOWL OF NOODLES AND MEAT would probably make me too full for an evening of concert entertainment. So I had a huge rainbow roll and a smaller california roll. Mmmm...I likes me some sushi!

We rode MARTA (it's smarta!) to Underground, to avoid traffic headaches.

Now...I know that Weezer is an excellent band, and that they are still making really great music. But they have been around for a little while. I expected the crowd to be like....us. late 20's, early 30's...reliving their grungey cardigan sweater college days.

NOT what we found at the concert (which was outdoors)



We all felt like the biggest fuddy duddies there. HEY YOU KIDS! SETTLE DOWN!

It was like a huge frat party. Fights kept breaking out. At one point, there were two guys, presumably friends, doing some kind of fighting/wrestling behind me and almost knocked me over. I HAD HAD ENOUGH!


They looked at me like I was someone's mom. I think one of them called me...christina ricci? That was weird. But they stopped doing what they were doing, so I didn't care WHAT they called me.

It was hot and muggy...and at some points, rainy. We were all pretty miserable...and wheezer hadnt even come out to play yet!

Some highlights of the evening:

We were standing next to a group of guys who were passing around an obviously fake ceramic painted cigarette, stuffed with their favorite herbal blend (obvious because they kept dropping it, making a "clink!" when it hit the pavement). They were stoned, but funny. And the sweeter smell of their smoke somewhat overpowered the stench of a thousand other smokers. HEY KIDS! DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW YOU'RE SMOKING HERE? AND PULL UP YOUR PANTS, HIPPIE! anyway, these guys provided much entertainment for the evening.

At one point, a kid decided to get a better view of the show by climbing a light pole and sitting on it. The crowd cheered when he made it...then cheered again when they realized what he had created: an easy target! everyone whip empty beer cans at the light pole guy! hooray! he looked pissed, but what did he think? a bunch of drunk kids were going to worship him as a god! THROW IT HARDER!

I was getting bumped around pretty badly, and was stepping on plastic beer bottles and trash. Ugh! There was a sidewalk next to me, half of our group was standing on it - not that it was any less crowded. Brenda held out her hands to me, offering help getting me up on the sidewalk. I declined...and I didn't think anything of it...until N said "WHAT was that?" with a shocked and amused look. Because Brenda was up a little higher than I, when she held out her hands, they were a little higher than neccessary...about boob level. Anyone who had been looking might have thought Brenda was about to fondle my boobies. Ahhh..good fun all around!

Eventually, Weezer came on, and played a bunch of favorites, from their new cd, and older stuff. After they played Buddy Holly, I was ready to leave. We had already lost half our group earlier to heat exhaustion and claustraphobia. There was only Kev and I and another couple there. And Kev, I could tell, was real close to snapping. We'd been getting pushed and shoved all night. Also, as soon as you let someone pass you, you opened up a thruway for entire crowds of people to push in front or behind you. GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE I HIT SOMEONE!

We fled and got on the next train home.

For SOME odd reason, we were feeling the munchies, so we picked up some little Krystal burgers and fries on the way home. Mmmm...

Not an experience I want to repeat ever (I am WAY TO OLD FOR THAT SHIT), but I got to see Weezer. From a distance.

best boyfriend ever

Kev and I majorly slept in this morning (no choir in July - so I'm taking the month off!) Plus he hadn't really had a weekend to himself in a month. So sleeeeeep was good. (also, some hot monkey sex...duh!)

Eventually, we got up. Kev got dressed to go to the grocery store to pick up a paper and a few food items. He requested eggs and bacon - perfect!

After a while, kev called "can you come out and help me unload?" geez, how much did he get?

I walked out, still in my pjs. He was standing by his car with a big grin on his face.

"I got you a surprise!"

"reeeeaaaalllly? what is it?"

"I'll give you three guesses."

"hmm...is it something for dessert?"


He had such an evil grin on his face...

"oh no...a computer case?"

this is an inside joke




He reached in the car and pulled out...THE NEW HARRY POTTER!!!!

hooray! I had planned to pick it up sometime this week, after the rush.

so what am I doing blogging? I've got reading to do!!!!