Friday, July 15, 2005

fun with liquid nitrogen, part 2 

Brenda used a plastic pipet to drip orange gatorade into some leftover liquid nitrogen

(this is what scientists do on a friday, when they're starving for entertainment)

it made little dippin-dot like balls of frozen gatorade, which we strained out. I have a picture...on my cell phone...and I don't have my usb cord for it yet...and I'm not paying to email it to myself.

anyway, we all stared at the frozen orange dots in wonder. I picked one up and popped it in my mouth.

me: uhhhrrrggg

N: did it burn?

me: nooo...but it stuck to my tongue.

B: huh!

me: and now...I think I might be bleeding...

I wasn't bleeding, but we did have to wait for them to thaw a bit. My tongue has a faint "took a gulp of hot chocolate a little too soon" feel to it.

Isn't science fun, kids?

Science in the news

"Humans' DNA is comprised of 3 billion chemical bits called nucleotides."