Friday, July 29, 2005

Ding Dong, the wasp is...dead? 

The sun rose slowly over the early morning dew....the wasp sat on the railing. And waited.

I was still asleep.

4 hours later...

I wasn't sure if the wasp was still around after not seeing in yesterday evening. But when I let Sadie out for her morning pee, there it was. It buzzed around angrily at Sadie's intrusion, but didn't attact.

I went back inside, collected my purse, lunch, breakfast banana...and killer wasp spray. In the breeze way, I gave it a test shot. Nice tight spray, good reach. I would only have one good shot at this. I could only hope my years of amusement park gaming - the one where you use a squirt gun to shoot water at the clown's mouth, and the first person's baloon to pop wins - have prepared me for this day.

I emerged from the breezeway. Where WAS he?

There, sitting smugly on the top step. Bastard.



Got him! He rose up unsteadily, flying side to side, looking for the source of it's agony. I fired again, hitting him in the air. He swooped to the left. Not wearing any kind of protective gear, I retreated to the safety of the breezeway. And waited.

The wasp did not appear on the steps. I emerged cautiously. No sign of him. No sign of any of his breatheren, seeking revenge.

I briefly searched the grass, hoping to find the body. But he was gone. Had to be dead - I hit him twice with that stuff.

We'll see if his replacement shows up tonight. Still nothing but ants on the steps. Maybe he was their bodyguard? A hired thug? Doesn't matter. Tonight I'll take the spray and douse all the cracks in the steps. That should take care of the matter.

I will exact...vigilante justice.