Friday, July 15, 2005

dasani pushers 

Yesterday I went to the Curves that I will be transferring my membership to.

Everyone was really friendly...but I can't help picking apart the differences between the two places.

The new place is lacking one machine that the other place had. In a way, this is good: I hated that machine. But also, my hating it was because it was difficult. Which means it was working.

Also, the music is a bit different. In the old place, the music was oldies, 80s, broadway...but all with a techo beat behind it. The same beat. Which made rhythym easier. In between each machine, at the "rest" station, you could march or jog to a good, constant beat.

In the new place, the basic music is the same...but no techno. So the BEAT changes from song to song...and sometimes it's not a good "marching in place" beat. Too fast, or too slow.

These are picky things..but I'm picky! I will still love this new place as much as I loved the old place.

At least no one lectured me on my water intake.

Did I tell you guys about that? Crazy Curves woman who measured me told me I would have lost MORE weight if I drank 8 glasses of water a day.

Alright, I know this has been standard dogma for awhile now. But I don't buy it. There's no real proof to it. And the people who preach this to me are usually workout fiends. The same people who push the benefits of soy cheese on me. yuck.

1. if I drank that much water a day, I would be sick. and don't tell me "oh, you'll get used to it after a while," I WON'T. I will be sick and bloated. I don't drink a lot. I must get a lot of liquid in my food, because I just don't need that much to drink.

2. crazy curves lady says it HAS TO BE WATER! NOTHING YOUR BODY HAS TO FILTER!!! wtf? I get the image of a mini brita filter tucked into my esophagus. I understand that drinking 8 glasses of, say PEPSI a day might not have any positive health advantages. But I don't like the taste of water most of the time. I can't drink water with food. It just tastes metallic to me. Even filtered or bottle water. When I crave water, I drink it. But most of what I've been drinking lately is decaf iced tea, lightly sweetened with a mix of sugar and splenda. I drink a few glasses of that with dinner. I've bought some "flavored" waters for my workout days.

I watched a news show a while back where they had a doctor (you know, someone who went to school to learn about this stuff) debunking health myths. And she said that you don't HAVE to drink that many glasses of water a day. Millions of years of evolution (or "intelligent design," if you're a moron) have provided us with a WONDERFUL mechanism to tell us when we need to imbibe liquid refreshment: it's called thirst. So you just drink when you're thirsty. Not DYING of thirst. But when feel that little tickle...drink something!

Also, what you drink doesn't HAVE to be water. Your body pulls out water from whatever you take in: hamburgers, celery, whiskey sours, whatever. It's not like there's a "special" weight-loss inducing compartment that pure water goes into when you drink it. So drink whatever the hell you want. IT ALL GOES TO THE SAME PLACE!

I'm not coming out AGAINST those of you that drink 8 glasses of water a day. GOOD FOR YOU! you must pee A LOT!

So please don't leave me with a thousand comments about how your brother in law's cousin's boyfriend is a nutrionist/personal trainer and HE says that he drinks 12 GLASSES OF WATER a day and he's RIPPED like the bowflex guy.

I'm just saying don't push that shit on me. I will drink whatever I want...WHENEVER I want. and unless you have a medical degree, and are currently my physician, I don't want to hear about it!

and shut up about the soy cheese.