Sunday, July 10, 2005

click your heels three times... 


Around 11pm.

Torrential downpour starting in South Carolina.

Downpour continuing throught the complete unloading of the truck, including a rocking chair, a very heavy shopsmith and its accessories. A suitcase, a very heavy duffle bag, a dog and her stuff, a small watermelon, an untouched knitting project, and a half eating bag of pretzel nibs. Kev and I were soaking soaking wet...and NOT in a good way. But then we took a hot shower together and THAT was in a good way.

I am pissed because:

due to circumstances beyond our control, E-Lo and I didn't get to meet. Poop.

I left my usb camera cord at my parents house, AND I forgot to burn all the pics I uploaded onto their computer onto a disc. So I have to wait until my mother learns how to burn CDs before I get either of those items. Which means I can't post any pics of my reunion, and I can't upload the pics in my camera of my friend's GORGEOUS FAIRY TALE WEDDING.

I am happy because:

I have a beautiful oak rocking chair! It needs some TLC: coat of varnish, and reupholstering (the orange and white strip velour isn't doing anything for me), but YAY! I've always wanted a rocking chair.

Kev and I are HOME and can now have Sweaty Hot Monkey Sex whenever we want. funny story: the other night, after my parents went to bed, kev and I were too horny to wait, and had SHMS 1 and a half times in the living room: once doggy-style on the couch, and then later an attempt on the floor, truncated by the sound of one of my parents awake and walking to the bathroom. I have NEVER seen Kev move so fast: in 3 seconds we were innocently sitting on the couch, covered by a blanket, panties appropriately hidden, skirt down...faces suspiciously flushed and sweaty. Whoever it was, they didn't come down, and the hall attic fan covered up any noises we made. It killed the mood...but it was pretty damned funny!

ahhhh...it's good to be home.