Friday, July 22, 2005

caution: a bit naughty 

potentially TMI for "real life" friends!

after a too long day at work, it was nice to come home and relax with nekkid Kev. I have blogged about kev's aversion to clothing while at home, right?

well, relaxing on the couch led to snuggling on the couch.

snuggling led to smooching.

and nibbling.

and me trying to pull away and tell him NO (when of course I mean YES) which drives him CRAAAZY and makes him want it MORE (which is, of course, my evil plan - too tired from work MY ASS!!!) and pushing away and tickling and growling....

which led to much wrestling and rolling around and spanking and biting and scratching and more NO's! and sucking and teasing and laughing and moaning...


which led to hair grabbing and pulling and leading into the bedroom, and throwing down on the bed QUITE roughly....which led to giggling and teasing and NO! and...

and pounding and screaming and sweating and more pounding and pounding and pounding and pounding and screaming and...







what a pleasant way to spend a friday evening.

suffice to say...my foul mood is completely and utterly GONE!

We worked up quite the appetite, so I made a variation of my tom yum soup recipe, added chicken breast and rice noodles to make a hearty spicy dinner. mmmm...guess it was good, because there's NONE left! and I only had one bowl.

well, I guess he earned it, after THAT work out!

tentative plans for the weekend are to go see willy wonka, and have a nice dinner OUT somewhere. and lots of laying around...and sleeping...and laziness...

and sex, of course.