Thursday, July 21, 2005

the calm before the total mental breakdown 

still feeling a bit of the funk (so more jokes and stories appreciated. Riz is winning the award for the best so far, for making me spit out my sweet tea last night).

But I cleaned up a bit last night, making me feel a little better. While I am a pretty messy person, I find that the condition of my environment REALLY effects my mood. So when my place is really messy, I feel pretty hopeless and lost. But after cleaning up and dousing my places with febreeze (not that my place is stinky - even with Sadie - but I looooove how febreeze makes everything smell fresh. damn, I should get advertising money)

And now I feel calmer.


until I mess it all up again.

This morning I went to a thesis defence of a guy in my last. The last member of my class besides me to graduate. That means...I'm left. I'm last. And I don't even have a date yet. I'm not even writing yet. I can't even THINK about writing until I get all these strains made.


So much for feeling peaceful and calm. Brenda isn't in today, which sucks because I REALLY need someone to sit me down and tell me that I am a good graduate student, that I'm not stupid, and that I will graduate and that everything is going to be OK. We're all pretty good at keeping each other sane here. But right now...I NEED A HUG!!!!