Thursday, July 28, 2005

attack of the killer...something *update* 

I am living under seige.

There is an evil looking waspy thing that is guarding the steps leading up to my condo. I've noticed it buzzing around for the past couple of weeks. It's pretty big, and stripey. And it seems to have an extra set of wings or two. Generally, I just ignore it as I walk by.

Yesterday, it entered attack mode.

As I climbed the few steps after returning home for Curves, carrying my purse and backpack, a sudden angry buzzing started in my ear - it was going for my neck! I ducked my head down to protect my neck and ran. It stayed on course for a few feet, until I got into the breezeway, and then it flew back to it's position on the railing.


I do not like buzzing stinging things. But I am too afraid to try to kill it. Maybe I'll pick up some wasp killer and just try to spray it. But what if it's not a wasp? What if it's some kind of mutant evil hybrid bug that is immune to Raid?

I might actually have to call the management company. But how do I explain this?

"Umm, yes, hello. There is a killer wasp guarding my building. No, there's not a nest that I can see. No, there's only one. I think it's out to get me. Hello? Hello?"

Anyone have any evil waspy bug killing advice? Or should I just live in fear and avoid the steps until the first frost kills it? Keeping in mind that our first frost won't be until...november.


This morning he was still there...waiting for me. I deftly avoided him by walking on the grass to the parking lot. Just you wait..bastard.

After Curves, I went to walgreens and bought some wasp and hornet killer. with long range spray.

I pulled into the parking lot, gathered my things, and gripped the can of waspy doom tightly in my hand. Slowly I advanced to the steps, his hideout.

The bastard was no where to be seen. Someone must have tipped him off. I took the opportunity to scope out the area, looking for potential nest sites. there are plenty of cracks in the concrete steps, but every crevace is crammed full of ant mound - probably fire ants. I'm surprised I haven't been bitten.

Maybe the fire ants are protecting him? Putting him in the waspy protection program. Figures they'd be in cahoots together.

I'm not taking any chances. I'm not leaving home again without that can in my hands, ready to bring on some vigilante justice.