Wednesday, June 01, 2005

wednesday adventures 

Today I finished earlier than expected, and decided to use the extra time before choir practice to head on over to my local neighborhood yarny store and buy some fun yarn to play with. I called ahead of time, listened to the voice message, found out they closed at 6 on weekdays. perfect. I could leave at 5, get there at 5:30, buy yarn, find out if there were any classes being offered this month, and have plenty of time to get dinner and then get to choir.

10 minutes after I left, N from the lab called.

"are you running a gel?"

fuck, forgot to shut that off. no worry, N told me, she had just left herself, but B would be back in the lab in a half hour, so I could just call and tell her to shut off the gel.

Fine. I fight traffic and get to the sewing store. Closed.

Fuck. "closed wednesdays"

well...THAT little piece of information would have been useful on their voicemessage!

I call the lab, no answer.

Oh well, I swing by mcdonalds, get me a #2, and then head in the direction of church. But it's WAAAAAY too early still. Hmmm...well, past my church there's a shopping center with a Petsmart. I need more poopy pick up bags and doggy shampoo, and maybe some more flavored rawhide bones.

Ok, well, that killed 15 minutes. Damn. I was hoping they'd have an "adoption day" going, and I could play with the cute and fuzzies.

Called the lab again. No answer.

Sigh. I drove to my church, and sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes.

Call the lab. No answer

Go in to choir practice.

Call the lab, no answer.

middle of practice, we get a break.

Call the lab, no answer.

Practice is over. I'm going to have to drive back to the lab and do it myself! But, just in case...

call the lab. No answer.

I park in a handicap spot in front of the building, sprint in, run to the lab (WHY is it unlocked? grumble bitch gonna have something stolen here...bitch grumble)

There's B, sitting at her bench.

"how long have YOU been here?"

"oh for a while now. do you have a gel running?"


"was that you calling?"


"every time it rang, I was in the middle of something, and when finally I went to pick it up, I got a dial tone!"

yeah, our voice mail picks up quick. it took a lot of self control to not scream WE HAVE A CORDLESS PHONE! YOU COULD HAVE KEPT IT WITH YOU!!!


is it friday yet?