Thursday, June 30, 2005

wanna quickie? 

No time for a real post right now. I've had to do a million things today. But...

1. my financial aid form is signed and turned in.

2. my DNA from the CsCl gradient is drying on my bench.

3. we made liquid nitrogen ice cream. awesome. pics tonight (maybe)

4. I ALMOST have a truck rented for trip home. I'm waiting for car rental lady to call me about her conversation with the first dumbass guy I talked to, to confirm the reservation. If all goes well, I'm dropping my dented car off at Maaco, and the nice car rental people will pick me up and give me a truck. We pay for rental from Friday through Monday. Insurance picks up the bill from Tuesday to Friday. We would technically pay from Saturday to Monday, but Maaco thinks they might need to keep my car until then...which means car rental would reimburse us.

This is the plan. CALL ME BACK, LADY!!!!

Also: I heart tanning gel. I look like I've been at the beach for a few days. Sans the sand in my crotch.