Monday, June 27, 2005

"Unrealistic Thermodynamic Expectations" 

....would be an excellent name for a band.

warning: more boobs

I am wearing one of the new bras today. Not a scary one...this one is sort of half way between a normal and a scary. And it's blue! Hooray! But oh...the difference! I guess I just keep wearing the same stretched out pokey wired bras for so long, that when I finally get a bra that fits well...it's like heaven.

I actually look thinner.

And I feel like my boobs are no longer in control. They are fully contained and supported. Not spilling over, or weighing down on my back. Hahaha...boobs...now I AM IN CONTROL! YOU WILL OBEY MEEEEE!!!

Now...look perky and jiggle just a bit when I walk.


enough with the boob talk, on to racial profiling

Today I had to leave work for a bit to drive our Lab Goddess home. Her son had been sent home on the early bus from summer school, and no one had bothered to tell the parents. Fortunately, a neighbor found him and called LG.

LG was furious. They have been having problems with bus transportation since the start of summer school. The bus drops him off too early, too late, not at all...and now this.

LG is german, so a lot of things she says kind of come out angry in her accent, even if she isn't. But THIS time, I have NEVER seen her so angry! And an angry german spitting out nasty things about something that's pissed them off...whoa. I would not want to be on the recieving end of that anger.

(OK, maybe not all germans sound angry, but LG definately does. I have had many new people come to our lab and then secret tell me after a few months "I think LG hates me, she's always yelling at me." and I have to say "oh, no! she doesn't hate you! and she's not yelling! she's just german.")