Tuesday, June 28, 2005

tiny bubbles... 

Monday I trekked to ANOTHER mall (yay...I hate malls) to exchange the zipper-challenged skirt. I went after working out. After Kev called to tell me that HE was heading home, and that he was going to put the chicken in the rotisserie.

Great - that meant a very late dinner. And I was starving.

(note for people who care: actually, the chicken was still a bit frozen in the middle, so we scrapped the chicken idea and I made beef and bean burritos)

interesting side note: blogger spell check does not recognize the word "burritos"
another side note: I probably still have spelling errors, because I only let spell check get so far before closing it in frustration of it not recognizing words like "burritos" and "blog"

I needed a snack. But there is NOTHING healthy about mall food. And I didn't want anything that would fill me up. Maybe there was a whorebucks... But, while searching for the Lane Bryant, I passed a very small, interesting beverage-dispensing place, called "Quickly."

A quick peek inside revealed many bright colors and lots of asian language posters with poor engrish translations ("super fun cool!"), and a menu that included what looked like flavored teas.

hmmm...could they possibly have it? a treat that is hard to come by? Something I had only once...and instantly became an addict.

I quickly returned the skirt, then made by way back to Quickly. A cheerful (Japanese, I think) woman greeted me.

Hello! what can I get for you?

Umm...not sure...

I'm scanning the menu, looking for those two words...

You want slushy? Everyone seem to like slushy!

She started to walk over to the slushy machine in the front of the store. I didn't want no stinkin' slushy! I can go to Quik Trip and get a slushy! Where was it! They had to have it!

There! on the counter! a smaller menu!

Actually, I would like a bubble tea, please!

She looked surprised. I bet there's not alot of call for bubble tea in the north atlanta 'burbs. She's probably been shoving slushies down stupid white people's throats since day one.

So I ordered a honeydew bubble tea...heaven! absolute heaven! A drink and a small snack....ALL IN ONE!

Do you NOT know what a bubble tea is? mmmmmmm....sooo good. Though most people I know don't like them. I think lots of people have texture issues with food. And if you have problems eating things of odd textures, you will NOT like bubble tea.

Bubble tea is a chilled milky black tea that you can add flavoring to. Not so scary. But...floating in the tea...are soft, lightly sweetened, chewy....black tapioca pearls, about a quarter inch in diameter.

you use a special large straw to slowly sip the tea, and then chew on the tapioca pearls, which are like gummier gummy bears, but with only a faintly sweet taste.

Now I'm going to have to drive my ass up to Gwinnett more often...dammit!