Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Things that have gone wrong today: 

1. I ran a gel to purify a DNA fragment only to find out that some how I had lost all my DNA, in all four plasmids.

2. I found out that the 5ml culture I used to innoculate my huge 500ml culture that I will be extracting DNA from tomorrow via CsCl gradient so as to continue the monotony that is 2D gel analysis...was contaminated. Meaning that a. my 500ml cultures might very well be contaminated, and b. even if they're not, then the bacterial contamination might have thrown off my OD count to determine how much of the 5ml culture to use to innoculate. Which means that my 500ml culture might not be ready when I need it to be tomorrow. Either way, I might NOT be able to get my DNA in time to start another 2D gel next week.

3. while column cleaning my PCR fragment, I knocked over the wash buffer.

see? I'm not exaggerating! MY LAB LIFE SUCKS!!!!