Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sweaty and dirty 


I went to take a heartburn pill...and instead took my thyroid pill. I already took my thyroid pill this morning, so that's two in one day.

I hope I don't die.

Sweatin' for Jeeeesus

Went to Curves this morning. I've pretty much kept to my Monday, Thursday, Saturday schedule.

So they always have music playing. It's always a techno dance-mix kind of thing. Alot of ABBA, some show tunes, some oldies...but always to the same driving beat. It really keeps you moving. I don't usually pay a whole lot of attention to the words of the music (which is not normal for me...i LOVE singing to music, but it's hard to sing and excercise at the same time). But today they had on a music mix that I hadn't heard before. A few of the words jumped out at me..."praise," "worship," "forever."

Hmmm...maybe a fluke.

Nope...the next song was the same. It was Christian techno rock. I kept looking around to see if anyone else was noticing this. No one was. Of course...I was in north atlanta suburb hell. They probably saw nothing wrong with a theorectically secular workout facility playing Christian techno music. We're ALL good CHRISTIANS....right? Well, OK, I'M a Christian. But that doesn't mean everyone is. And ugh...christian techno beats? Gag.

I can't wait to transfer to one closer to my home. Just a couple more weeks. Of course, I live in what I like to call "little india," so maybe they'll play Hindi techno mixes. that would be cool.

Everything's furry...

Today I vacuumed. It was time. Everything that has touched the floor quickly became coated with dog hair. Everything. Papers, shoes, purses, slow moving old people...

...and green!

I did what I HOPE will be the last of my balcony planting - my italian parsely was pathetic and spindly, so I bought a new one, along with a new house plant.

And I finally got around to straightening up my balcony. It was covered with dirt, debris, the plastic pots you buy plants in, plant name tags...and of course DOG HAIR. So now it's a nice place to sit and be...but it's too damn hot to be out there sitting and being.

A fact which I realized quickly after only a few minutes of working on the balcony. I had JUST showered after getting back from curves, and I was getting all hot, sweaty, and dirty again.

Which probably turns on the perves. "ooooo...I'm soooo hoooooot....think I'll...take off my bra..."

HA! Perves.

where was I...oh yeah...

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