Tuesday, June 21, 2005


...I IM with people who are not Kev. Not that these conversations are ANY LESS ENTERTAINING!

Gloomygus : I just feel like an addict who has finally hit rock bottom & decided I've had enough.

ESC: uh huh

ESC: you take your break

ESC: and then when you can't take it anymore

ESC: you'll come around

Gloomygus : I'll believe it when I see it...until then.

ESC: yeah yeah, you'll wallow in your misery...

ESC: reading blogs and chatting with strange women

ESC: oh, and eating cheetos

Gloomygus : DAMMIT! McSweeny's hijacked my Ninja-theme. Fucking hacks.

ESC: ninja theme?

Gloomygus : You know, how I work ninjas into amusing situations and funny stories?

ESC: under "health watch four silent killers"

Gloomygus : Yeah. Bastard hack-people.

ESC: riiiight

ESC: you're the only one who rights about ninjas

ESC: http://www.ninjapirate.com/battle.html

Gloomygus : Oh, now you're against me?

ESC: hey, dont' blame me...blame the pirates

ESC: I use monkeys to add humor

ESC: everyone likes monkeys

Gloomygus : Yeah, but ninjas are MY thing

ESC: i don't think you own the exclusive rights to ninjas

ESC: ninjas are old school

ESC: you want to "own" something clever, you got to come up with something new

ESC: like "pandas"

Gloomygus : Oh, I feel dizzy

ESC: over ninjas?

Gloomygus : Your suggestion that I adopt pandas as my signature leitmotif.

ESC: well, that was just an example

ESC: (and SHUT UP, pandas are cool)

Gloomygus : Cool? Explain to me why I just threw up in my mouth.

ESC: 'cause you're a freak

Gloomygus : Yeah yeah, material already covered (and apparently captured to your harddrive, freak)

ESC: it's so when you find happiness, I will have PROOF THAT I WAS RIGHT!

ESC: AND...pandas are cool

Gloomygus : Do I have to die alone and happy to be right?

ESC: ummm...maybe

ESC: alone and unhappy works too

ESC: unless you're unhappy because your wife of 50 years passed before you

ESC: then I still win

Gloomygus : Married 50 years? I've got maybe another 35 on this ticker before I'll need a new one.

ESC: please, in 35 years they'll just grow you a cloned heart


ESC: would a NINJA give you a cloned heart?



ESC: don't have a comeback for THAT one, DO YOU MR GLOOMYPANTS???

Gloomygus : No. You got me there. Cloned panda hearts...make sure I write that down correctly.

ESC: yeah...that's what I THOUGHT!

ESC: and yes, you can SO BLOG THAT

ESC: and if you don't...I might

Gloomygus : Maybe you had better. I haven't entirely "embraced the panda" yet and wouldn't do it justice.

ESC: what if they were ninja pandas?

Gloomygus : Oh, I'm definitely going to pass out now...

ESC: are you laughing at me????

Gloomygus : No wait, that was passing gas...

ESC: uh huh

ESC: 'cause I will TOTALLY clone some Evil Ninja Pandas to come KICK YOUR ASS

Gloomygus : Good luck training them to throw stars WITHOUT OPPOSABLE THUMBS!



Gloomygus : Yeah, not too worried about that, having read your blog

ESC: ok, now I hate you

Gloomygus : Oh Regis...you know I'm just teasing you.