Saturday, June 18, 2005

sidebar updates 

It was time for some sidebar cleaning. Some updates, some deletions. I deleted some people off my blogroll. If you have been deleted, allow me to 'splain...

my link list is for ME...these are the blogs I read. yes, it's nice to be linked, but I only link people if I like their stuff. You are on my sidebar if:
a. you post regularly
b. you post things that are "interesting" or "entertaining"
c. you leave lots of comments on my site about how much you love my blog (ESC has an ego)

All of the above criteria must be met. The exception to these rules is:
d. your site is above and beyond cool. a site I aspire to be one day. a mecca of blogdom. these are placed in the coveted "wish I were as cool as" section.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, your ass is out of there. Sorry! no linky love for YOU!

but if you DO meet these criteria, and I have thoughtlessly deleted you or worse, never added you, please let me know!

Ahem...where was I?

Oh, and going with the "ego" theme, I included a "best of" section. For the benifit of new readers, who may be interested in knowing why some people will refer to me here as "bondage chicken".

I tried to include my personal favorites, and posts that seemed to get a lot of attention. But if I missed any of your favorites, let me know. (EGO! OH MY GOD, DID YOU SEE THAT HUGE EGO??? It was fucking HUGE!)

Hope everyone's having a fun weekend like me! I did Curves today...and now I'm at work! yay! wait...that's not fun. Well, Curves was fun...but work sucks. But I'm going home now! Yay! Probably to clean the bathroom. Not fun. But later I might dye my hair! Yay! To a darker color, which I've never done before...and I might hate it. Not fun.

OK, a better weekend then me, then!