Sunday, June 05, 2005

Life of crime 

Frozen white morons

As I was driving back from church, I got behind a white volvo with one of those abbreviate stickers on the back, similar to the "OBX" or "BNL" ones you see. This one said "CDN." The letters were flanking with little maple leaf flags, and underneath in small letters it said "CANADA."

Oh...so they just took out the "a's" to make...canada...wait...that doesn't work! CaDaNa? I sincerely hope that "CDN" stands for something else to canadians. Otherwise, these people were just stupid.

A few things that pointed me to the "stupid" conclusion: their license plate frame said "GO VEGAN!" and they also ran a red light right in front of a cop cap sitting in plane view. Unfortunately, the cop didn't take the bait, but really...how stupid are you???

I am obviously NOT implying that all Canadians are stupid here. Just the ones from...Cadana. which actually makes sense if your nose is stuffed up. So maybe they weren't stupid, they just had a cold?

~~see comments for explanation~~

Do they make a patch for this?

I am getting somewhat frustrated with knitting as a hobby. I guess I never realized how expensive it would be. All the coolest yarns seem to be $8+...and only come in leeetle wee bundles...of which 10 or more are needed for a decent sized project.

now THERE'S incentive for a diet...lose weight and use less yarn for the clothing you make...hooray!

I am completely in awe of the knitting blogs I come across. These talented ladies turn out the most amazing projects in a matter of days...and somehow manage to support themselves with what has to be a $150/month yarn habit. All which leads me to wonder...DO THEY NOT WORK? Seriously. How can you afford the pretty yarn and still have tons of free time to use it???

My theory is that they don't eat. Obviously, they can't be spending any money on food. So my fatal flaw is that I like to cook. These two hobbies cannot co-exist peacefully. Something must suffer.


Speaking of cooking, last night with my farmer's market purchases I made the most WONDERFUL spicey Thai food! A super spicey Tom-yum hot and sour soup with mushrooms, green onions, and tofu. And a coconut curry with chicken and peppers with rice.


And this afternoon, I took the thick slices of Challah bread that I had left out overnight and made some french toast...droooooooool.....

(have you seen American Dad? "how's your french toast, dear?" "smelly and ungrateful, but this AMERICAN toast is delicious!" bwaaahahahahahahaaaa!!!!)

(also, I have been bopping around singing "...I ain't no CHALLAH back giiiiirl, ain't no CHALLAH back giiiirl!....grooooooan!)

So anyway...yeah, giving up cooking is pretty much impossible. I must come up with another way to fund my new hobby.

I've decided on bank robbing. I'll let you know how that goes.