Monday, June 13, 2005

Hot sticky ranting goodness...AND MORE! 

Dangerous Curves

Today was my first session at Curves. Rose was there, and she took me around the rotation, showing me how to use each piece of equipment. You may only get 30 seconds at each station, but it's enough! It wasn't long until my heart beat was up to where it was supposed to be for my age (18 - 23 in a 10 second count). I could feel my muscles working on each machine...and I worked up quite a sweat. I'm a head sweater. It's kind of embarrassing. Sweat dripped into my eyes, and pretty soon the sweat on the back my net had soaked my hair.




I feel great! Rose said I did very well and that she was proud of me. Awww...isn't she sweet? There was also obviously a mix up - the cooperate account is still viable, according to DAC, so the rather ditzy manager tried to figure it out today. But of course, everyone at DAC had gone for the day. They told me they'd try to work it out tomorrow. As I stood there behind the front desk, I perused the protein shake mixes and nutrition supplements sold there, all "formulated specifically for a woman's system." A digestion aid, a stress relief aid, joint care aid....a prost aid???? what? the bottle didn't really have much information about what it specifically did...but...still...PROST AID FOR WOMEN???

I'm shooting for Thursday for my next visit.

TMI of the day

Today I learned: my body does not digest brown rice.

A message from the PSSP

Ok, this story made me mad when I first heard it last week, but I waited to rant about it until I heard for sure what I knew the outcome would be.

So, this 12 year old girl was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, which is a type of cancer of the lymph nodes. Not something to fuck around with. So their oncologist prescribed a few rounds of chemo, followed by radiation treatments.

The parents agree, and the girl goes through chemo. After the chemo courses are done, the cancer is no longer detected (yay chemo!) and it's time for the radiation.

But the parents decide "why does she need radiation? her cancer is gone! 100% gone! it's not coming back!" and they refuse the radiation for her, against the doctor's wishes.

WHY WHY WHY WHY are stupid people allowed to breed?

So the doctor informs the state, and child protective services removes the girl and her brothers from their parents custody.

The parents argue that their doctor never discussed alternative treatments with them, and never told them why she needed the radiation after her cancer appeared to be gone. OK, fine, their doctor was probably an ass. But what kind of medical training background makes these people feel qualified to start arguing with CANCER TREATMENT??? The doctor prescribed both chemo and radiation because for Hodgekin's, that's the treatment that's been proven most effective. To quit after the chemo step is like stopping taking antibiotics halfway through the course because you feel better. Yes, you may FEEL better, but those ugly nasty bugs are still there, waiting for their chance to come back. And then with new and improved antibiotic resistance. the same holds true in this case. Did you know that cancer can become immune to certain types of chemo? yeah, it can.

I'm not saying that there might be viable alternatives out there. But did the parents investigate? Did they go online and check out chinese herbs and accupunture and, I don't know...fucking scented incense burners??? Did they send emails to cancer experts at other hospitals across the country, to find out their opinions on the best course of action? NO! They just whined "our doctor didn't talk to us about alternatives." Guess what? YOU'RE the parent...YOU must do the investigating! OR...and here's a radical idea...TRUST THE ASSHOLE WHO'S TREATED CANCER BEFORE AND WHO DOES SHIT LIKE THIS FOR A LIVING!!!!!


So, a judge put a hold on the radiation until they could check to see if the cancer had come back. They did a PET scan this past weekend.

well, guess what?


Fucking stupid ignorant inbred fucking STUPID BATSHIT CRAZY ASSHOLES!!!!

Now this poor little girl is going to have to go through chemo AGAIN...and it will probably be worse, because they'll have to use different, and even stronger stuff to kill the cancer this time.


Friends don't let stupid people breed. Paid for by the People for the Sterilization of Stupid People.

So as not to end my night on such an angry note...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! I HEART NATALEE DEE!!! I especially like the expression on the face of the "OMG" person. BWAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!