Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday nubbins 

Knitting Knidbits

I finally got to the sewing supply store yesterday. I wandered around the yarn room, running my fingers over beautiful and EXPENSIVE yarns. I can't imagine using the really bulky wool stuff right now, so I was trying to find something lighter. I settled on a 80% cotton, 20% MERINO wool blend - so soft! And such pretty bright colors! And since I can never make up my mind, I bought three skeins in three different colors - turquoise, orange, and purple. I would have bought more of the same colors, but it's just not in the budget. So now I need some small projects to work on to use up this beautiful yarn!

I also bought a neat little knitting reference flip book. It's pretty extensive - everything from how to do certain techniques to how to determine your measurements. Now maybe I won't need to call up my knitting friends in a panic when I don't know how to do something!

Headache cures

I had left work early again yesterday, in part because I couldn't do the experiment I wanted to...AGAIN! and in part because I had a pounding headache. This weather is driving me NUTS! Rainy, cool, and dismal. WHERE IS THE SUN! I am part photosynthetic, and I'M WILTING!

So when I finally got home, I just plopped on the couch. Talked to Kev, and decided that when he got home, we'd head to our favorite little eatery. I called first, though...CRAP! Business was slow and they were closing early. Damn. Hazaards of the indepedently owned restaurant. Did I REALLY feel like cooking?

Well....I suppose...so I just "whipped up" some frozen ravioli with a quick homemade tomato sauce, and my sausage cheese bread, made with Pillsbury french bread dough, cooking italian sausage, and mozzerella. Oh, and a quick salad. Mmmmmm...

I was feeling A LITTLE better after eating, so Kev decided that the best way to make my headache go away for good was to give me several orgasms. Mmmmm....LOVE THAT MAN! Sex during the week has been pretty rare, since we've both been working long hours and are usually pretty exhausted. But I guess we've both been pretty invigorated this week - hooray! I'm not complaining ;)

Squeaky clean

Today is our annual Lab Cleaning Day. We're such a girly lab, I know. No other lab I know of here does this. But it really does help us cut down on media contamination. We've cleaned up our benches and desks, and the new summer undergrads have done a bang up job of the common spaces, and everything is going very quicky. We're on a lunch break, and then we'll tackle the cold rooms. Ugh. A lot of the mess in there is mine....whooops!

But the important thing now is that my bench and desk are CLEAN! and ORGANIZED! They are beautiful to behold!

Now if I could just keep my CONDO clean...