Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday I'm in Love 

Spoiled?? nooooo! surely not!

I am out of dry dog food. Dammit. I meant to pick some up yesterday on my way back from Curves. Instead I went to Publix and bought salad mix and hamburger buns. I scraped out enough to give Sadie dinner...but this morning there was nothing left but crumbs in the white, plastic, flip-top, garbage can of doggy extasy.

I had canned left, a mostly finished open one in the fridge. I could open another can and give her all wet food, but I like to make each can last a week, since canned is more expensive than dried.

So...what to do...whaaaaat to do.

I made her a 3 egg omlette.

Sadly, I think it was one of the better omlettes I've made. It didn't break up in the pan when I flipped it. It wasn't burned a little on the bottom. I must remember this when I make one next time...you know...for PEOPLE. It was perfect. Until I slid it into her bowl, and mashed it up with the remaining canned food and some organic chicken broth.

And Kev will KILL me when he reads this because one of his fantasies is me making him a hot breakfast every morning. HA! You DON'T want me near a stove when I get up too early. Besides, he doesn't have time - he takes the smoothie I DO make (hey, I'm not HEARTLESS! mmmm...smoothies!) to go, anyway!

When I finally set the cooled bowl in front of her, she hesitates, and gives me this look of amazement. "is this...is this ALL MINE????" "Yes, go ahead and eat!"

Adventures in living together, #762 in a series

Me: cooking dinner *sigh* Well Kev, I think we're going to have to get married soon.

Kev: and why is that?

Me: the handles on my pots are all starting to get loose

Kev: "the look"

Me: Whaaaaat? They are!

Kev: I can probably fix those with a screwdriver.

Me: nooo....I dont' think you can. there's no screw head on them. I think we need new ones

Kev: examining pan I think I can fix them. I just need a hammer.

Me: dammit