Friday, June 17, 2005


I am tired and sore.

So much for my productivity streak.

And to this I say...

AMEN! I think he hit the nail on the head with respect to the vast majority of Christians out there. But why are we letting the ultra conservative speak for us? We need a louder voice!!!

It's Fun Underwear Friday!

Do you have your fun underwear on? I do! It's boy-cut style, blue with light blue edging. On the front is a cartoony fish (hehe...hehehe...) and on the butt in big letters is says "GREAT CATCH!" Oh, how I love Fun Underwear Friday!

Getting closer...

Today my DNA has no disappeared...yet. I think I was losing it after my first cleaning, for which I just used ethanol precipitation. Someone in my lab suggested I use a kit. duh! I was just trying to save the money, since I didn't really need the DNA all that clean...but it was costing MORE money to do the damn thing over and over. So yay! My DNA is still there. NOW I just have to set up my ligation...

This is a section where maybe my "real life" friends should perhaps stop reading, lest they are rendered unable to ever make eye contact with me or Kev ever again.

So Kev and I tend to be loud in bed. Well, really just me. I'm loud, I admit it. Fortuantely, Kev likes me loud. and what he REALLY likes...what REALLY gets him going is...a struggle. Yep...weirdo men. And yeah...I kind of like it, too. I like to try to wiggle out of his grasp, to make him pin me down and then take me. WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT???

Anyway, as part of the "struggle", I tend to yell "NO!" alot, in a faux angry yet sexy voice. Which of course REALLY means "YES YES PLEASE OH GOD YES!"

So what's the problem? Well, on cooler nights, we like to turn off the AC and open all the windows, including the big sliding glass door that leads to the balcony from the bedroom.

Have I mentioned that we finally got downstairs neighbors? One of whom enjoys smoking on her porch in the evenings?

I am just WAITING for the night that the police show up at our door. "Ma'am, we got a report of a domestic disturbance? Something about someone screaming 'NO NO' over and over? Is everything OK, ma'am?"

Nothing has happened yet. I haven't met the smoking sister yet, either. But she HAS to have heard us on at least one occasion. Maybe she's avoiding us.

Or maybe she likes it....