Friday, June 24, 2005

Definately not spoiled 

Rarely to I get to combine geeking out over my dog with geeking out over science. But today, I had such an opportunity.

Behold: the DNA shaped dog toy.

dna toy2

What it's actually called is "Hard Rubber, Squiggly Dog Toy" (tre' original, no?)...but just LOOK at it...it's DNA! I HAD to buy it! My dog...playing with DNA! Just like mommy!

And notice the pretty rainbow colors? Obviously, the people at JW Pet Company are not ONLY trying to educate your pet on the building blocks of life, but they are also teaching tolerance of all lifestyles. Bravo.

But, as you can see...she has completely turned her nose up at the awesome DNA toy.


Stupid dog.

Well, at least I can play with it.

Oh, and here's the now full white, plastic, flip-top, garbage can of doggy extasy.

Dog food

Just in case you were worried about her dinner.