Sunday, June 19, 2005

Daddy's Little Gamer 

Happy Father's Day to all the good daddies out there.

I got my dad one of these:

yeah yeah, it's the "MS pacman" one...but it's the only one that has Galaga. Galaga was our favorite game - my dad and I played each other on our old Nintendo system, and any time we'd be at a restaurant or arcade that had Galaga, we'd always slip in a few quarters to play. I'd get so excited every time I saw that familiar green game..."DAD! GALAGA! can we play? huh huh? can we?"

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! And practice that game...I'm a big girl now, and I can probably beat your high scores :)

Green ESC

and not that I'm at ALL jealous of Sylvana's beautiful garden...cause I'm NOT! but...my little balcony garden seems to be doing well this year:

Green tomato #1

The relatively mild spring and lots of sunny days and stormy evenings have done wonders. Hooray!

Lots of fragrant herbs and hopefully, some nice ripe tomatoes very soon.

I don't do flowers.

I promised Restless Angel some pics of the new hair color.


Hair color

Yeah, it's not a dramtic change. But I got what I wanted. I've always been a sort of kind of maybe dirty dishwater dark icky blonde. A sort of non color. I've gone bright blonde before...it wasn't pretty. So I decided to take the alternate route. Now my hair is a satisfying light to medium brown...with blonde highlights.

I used the L'Oreal "Couleur Experte" in the "Almond Rocca" color. It's the kind with hair color and highlights. The highlights are a little tricky to do, and I think I might have overdid it a bit...but when I saw how dark my hair looked...I freaked out a bit.