Sunday, June 12, 2005

Baseball and fire 

ooooohhhhhh ohhh ohhohhhhhh....

Saturday, the lab got together and went to a Braves game. We'd been planning it for awhile, figuring that after all the problems we've all been having, PLUS Brenda will be leaving for Boston at the end of the summer, we NEEDED some fun time together that wasn't spent screaming "NOTHING GREW ON MY PLATES!!! I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF!"

The day was cloudy and muggy, and I wanted to dress for comfort. I chose a green stripy tank top. Who are the Braves playing? I have no idea, but I can't think of any green teams, so I figured I chose a safe color.

Kev and I rode MARTA (it's "smarta") to avoid traffic. This weekend was Music Midtown, and I knew traffic in and around the city would be nightmarish. We all managed to meet up and find out seats.

So who are the Braves playing, anyway? The Oakland Athletics. Shit...THAT'S CHEATING! Stupid interleague game. The Athletics color is green. Oh well, no one hasseled me.

It drizzled off and on throughout the game. I was sitting next to D, the very fidgety son of our Lab Goddess. As long as LG kept food or drink in his hands, he seemed OK. It was fun to see his excitement, though. He'd grab my arm and yell "Look! Hit the ball!"

We only had to drag out the umbrellas once for about 15 minutes, but we spent most of the game cool and just a little damp. Overall, a good day for baseball. As a bonus, the Braves won - hooray!

(note to the Pittsburghers: I was, am, and always will be a die hard Pirates fan, as difficult as that has been the past...10 years. And the Braves have a history of being a heinous foe to the Pirates. When I moved to Atlanta and joined my lab, I made an agreement with my Braves fan labmates: as long as the Braves were not 1. playing against the Pirates, or 2. competing with the Pirates in a close penant race, I will cheer for the Braves while in Atlanta. This make everyone happy. But I do die a little inside when I do the tomahawk chop)

conversations, part ? in a series

we're watching a home show on DIY, and their showing a built in Wok burner that can be separate from your stove. Very shiny and stainless steel. Cost? $2000.

Kev: you'd have to cook a lot of Wok stuff to make that feasable

Me: well, maybe if you're Asian.

Kev: You'd have to be pretty hardcore Asian.


Kev: You're going to blog this, aren't you?

The three alarm false alarm

Just about a half hour ago, I wake up still groggy from my nap. I'm still on the couch, contemplating whether I really need to wake up, or if I can still pass out for awhile longer, when I hear sirens. Close sirens. Cool! Somethings going on! Maybe I can see! So I shuffle outside in my bare feet, through the breezeway to the front of the building. Where I'm met by a couple of fire marshal type people and a firetruck, which fully geared up fire persons are climbing out of.

"WHERE'S 2002?" Firemarshal #1 asks me. "ummm..." I'm still waking up, and a little in shock. fortunately, one of my neighbors has come out and is a little more with it "Downstairs in the back."

I run back and peer over the railing as Firemarshalls #1 and #2 knock on 2002. The nice hispanic lady who is either renting or housesitting (we haven't determined which, yet) comes to the door.

"did you report a fire, ma'am?"

"What?? no! no fire!"

Now one of the sisters renting the unit below me come out. "We're just burning papers in the fireplace!"

By this point, about 4 or 5 fully geared up firepeople are milling around, and I can hear more sirens. A fire rescue ambulance and ANOTHER firetruck are pulling into the complex.

Firemarshall #1 is on his walkie talkie, trying to figure out if they have the right unit number.

Neighbor sister calls up to me "Did YOU call?"

"No! and what are you doing with a fireplace fire in June???" I'm laughing now. She's laughing, too.

"We're just burning papers! I TOLD my sister to buy a shredder!!!" I feel bad that we're having a good laugh at the expense of these very brave and hardworking firepeople, but it's a little comical.

None of us can figure out who called in the fire. It had to be someone from another building who saw smoke coming from the top of the building and thought that something must be wrong, because WHO lights a fire in June? In ATLANTA??? And now there's a firemarshall truck, TWO firetrucks and a rescue ambulance parked outside, and no one knows what to do. It was all pretty funny.

Eventually, the fire department left and now everything's back to normal. I went downstairs to get more of the scoop, bu she's just as confused as I am! Oh well, at least I got to have a nice long chat with a fairly new neighbor. She's very sweet.