Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend wrap up 

all work and no play...

both of us had to work this weekend. bleah! Kev just went in yesterday morning, but I've gone in both days. We keep making plans to see Hitchhiker's, but it's just not in the cards. Maybe next weekend.

together too long

Yesterday, after getting home from work, but before going out for dinner to stuff ourselves too full to do anything, we enjoyed a little afternoon "sumthin' sumthin'", as the kids say. While I was going down on him in the bedroom, a commercial came on TV (yes the TV was on...shut up!) for something called a "well patch" , which I believe is a kind of pain reliever. The commercial featured a fat guy doing some vaudevillish broadway number about the many uses and places you can use a "well patch." it was a corny song and stupid commercial.

I stopped what I was doing mid...umm...swirl/suck...and announced "that guy looks like a really fat William Shatner" and Kev BURST out laughing. "I was thinking the exact same thing!!!!"

We had a good laugh, and continued on with our business, leading nicely into an off the side of the bed doggy-style pounding that left me walking funny for a few hours. No fat Shatner wannabe is going to ruin OUR fun!

But things like that have been happening a lot latey, where we blurt out the same thing at the same time or have the same thought. Creepy. We've definately been together too long!

That's OK, though. :)

things that go ka-blam in the middle of the night

I was up way too late last night, shooting the shit on IM. (I've really got to find IM friends in my time zone), and by the time I crawl into bed it was well after 2. Kev was fast asleep, and he had sprawled out across the bed and had infiltrated my side. I gently eased him over, slid in, and nudge him some more until he rolled over, facing away from me. I had just gotten into a cozy spooning position with him, my body just barely pressed up to his back, my hand resting on his side, when...


"oh no you didn't!!!" I hissed at him. BASTARD FARTED ON ME IN HIS SLEEP! He didn't even twitch.

So after waving a pillow around a diffusing the smell, I finally drifted off to sleep.

Around 5am, I was awoken by soft thunder and rain. Nice...I like rain at night. The thunder was soft and rolling....I can juuuust drift off to sleep again.....


Holy shit! I think both of us jumped up two feet from the bed (no easy feat, laying down). Damn, that was a close one! I was still exhausted, but my heart was pounding a mile a minute, and the adreniline was flowing.

I could hear Sadie's tags jingle from the livining room. Normally, thunder doesn't bother her, but I don't know ANYONE who wouldn't have been shook up a little. I check on her, and sure enough, she had come out of her crate next to the windos, and was laying in the living room, ears back and flat against her head, eyes huge and scared.

Went back to the bedroom, just in time for another very loud CRACK of thunder, not quite as loud, but still unnerving. Kev was wide away. He rolled over to face me. "welll...since we're up...."

haha...no thanks. I was still exhausted. We headed for the couch and flipped on the tv. Sadie, who had moved even FURTHER into the living room, away from the windows, was really freaked out. She ran over and buried her head in my lap. Poor girl.

Eventually, the storm died down a bit, and we both got to sleep, sans nookie. I do love a good thunderstorm...as long as it behaves itself!

Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont

the alarm went off WAAAAY too early for me this morning. ugh. Church. I'd skip, but I've missed the last two weeks.

So it's warm, and I decide to put on the nice summery red outfit. How red? Very red. Really really red? YES, REALLY REALLY RED! With matching really really red sandals!

But SCORE! It's Pentecost! So everyone is wearing red, and I fit right in, and I get lots of very nice compliments about how nice I look and how cool my sandals are.

The sanctuary is decorated in red: red sashes, red pulpit cover thingies, red communion tablecloth...and red balloons. Lots and lots of red balloons, for some reason, tied to the center aisle edge of the pews. And also throughout the church. Lots of red balloons...

And the entire service (which was really cool and energetic, Pentecost always brings out the good sermons) all I can sing in my head is: 99 red balloons...something something something something...

no one knows all the words, it's in German.


Happy Pentecost! Go speak in tongues to someone you love.