Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Some things 

recent things that have made me happy:

- in the morning, after Kev's alarm goes off, he'll get up and start his morning hygiene routine, while I lay in bed, half asleep, trying to concentrate on the Today Show. After he's done shaving and brushing, sometimes Kev will come back over to the bed, naked, lie down, and spoon me for a few minutes. It's just the most wonderful feeling in the world, our bare bodies touching from our heads (he'll nuzzle my neck....mmmmm) all the way down to our toes. My body INSTANTLY relaxes and I feel very safe and warm and OK with the world. It only lasts for a few minutes, but it's just the best way possible to start the day.

- last night for dinner I made wedding soup. Mmmm....I LOVE wedding soup!

- my new favorite website/blog is Natalie Dee. check her out - she's over on my sidebar under "wish I were as cool as". her art is coooool.

- summer is officially here, as I have finally put away all my summer clothes and packed away my winter ones. this week it is deliciously warm. next week will probably be cold, just to spite me.

recent things that have irritated the crap out of me:

- I had a great time with Kev's family this past weekend, but OH MY GOD, I got NO SLEEP! Thanks to various barking stray dogs (SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!) and early morning wakeup calls by a particularly vocal whipoorwill. Have you ever hear the call of the whipoorwill? there is absolutely nothing beautiful about it. It's constant, repetitive, and loud....and right outside my window. There were a few times I thought about finding Kev's BIL's shotgun and taking care of some business...

- I am still stuck in the hell that is cloning in the lab. I don't understand it. the pieces are cut, they are purified, they are complementary. They should come together nicely. But they don't. And I have wasted a month of my life on it. A month I will never get back. And I'm back to avoiding eye contact with my advisor.

future things that WILL annoy and please me, all at the same time:

- next monday is graduation. this is good, because it signals the start of an entire summer with no punk ass spoiled rotten college kids hanging around with no real worries in life, rich parents, and generally just irritating the crap out of me. oh, and taking up parking spaces in the garage. When they are gone there will be no line at the snack bar, and parking spaces on lower levels still at 10am. It will be GLORIOUS!

However, the actual day of graduation will be annoying as FUCK, because clueless parents and grandparents will take all the parking spots in the wrong garages, and then wander around lost, until they find ME:

"excuse me, do you work here?"

sigh "yes"

"can you please tell me where the Hugh W Jackman School of Basketweaving* building is?"

"No, I don't know where that is, sorry."

"but you said you work here!"

Look people, I am a graduate student. see this building right here? I live here. If it's not in this building, I don't know where it is. The only other buildings I ever go to are right next door, and only because there is either a snack bar or a library there. I don't have a fucking clue where anything else is on this campus, please STOP ASKING ME!!!"

but what I really just say is "sorry!"

*I made that name up, I really don't know the names of any other buildings on campus. they're all named after old, dead Coca-Cola CEOs** and their beloved family members.

**I am not making that up.

So come monday, I will be getting in WAY early, and playing "operation: avoid the sweet but clueless family people"

- next week I will switch to verizon. the whole process seems easy enough, but I know there will be complications, because...THERE ALWAYS ARE! But I will get a NEW PHONE to replace the crappy, falling apart, no antenna, shuts off for no good reason phone I currently use.