Tuesday, May 03, 2005

RANT #2 

Hoo boy, two in one day. You are SO LUCKY!
I have been PISSED OFF about this phenomenom ever since I first heard about it a few months ago.

OH. MY. GOD. I can't believe this is allowed.

I have no problem with people having strong opinions about birth control. If your religion or your personal morals forbid the use of birth control HEY-O FINE AND DANDY! But OH PLEASE SWEET JESUS, do NOT try to inflict that morality on someone else, ESPECIALLY if it's in conflict with your JOB!!!!

Why aren't pharmacists held to the same standards that doctor's are? If a doctor refused to treat a patient because he/she disagreed with the patient's morals, then he/she could be sued AND lose his license! But a pharmacist decides that they aren't going to distribute birth control, and suddenly everyone's OK with that?

Now, if that happened to me here, I would give a happy "fuck you, asshat, you've lost all future business from me, and most likely my friends" and move down the road to the NEXT CVS/walgreens/eckerd/etc pharmacy. But if you live in Po Dunk, a suburb of BFE, and there is only one pharmacy, you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

Let's NOT forget that there are many reasons BESIDES the not getting pregnant thing that a woman might need to take birth control for - overly heavy periods, severe cramps, ENDOMETRIOSIS, etc. So by refusing to fill this prescription may well put a womans health in jeapordy. Is THAT moral?

And if we say, fine, pharmacists are allowed to refuse any precription they want if it goes against their morals/religion. Let's say a pharmacist becomes...a christian scientist (christian scientists are neither christians nor scientists. discuss) And instead of refilling ANY prescription, they tell their customers to go home and pray and that God will heal them. "Go home and pray about your cholesterol, Mr Johnson. If you have enough faith, you won't die of cardiac arrest!"

No, they'd lose their job, right? Because it's their JOB to fill prescriptions. It's NOT their job to force their warped morality and religion on their customers. Refusing to fill birth control is THE SAME THING!

Like doctors, pharmacists who refuse to refill a prescription should lose their license. They should then be forced to provide free child care for single parents who had kids because they didn't have access to birth control.