Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More link love 

Got nothing much to talk "aboot" tonight, so I'll just post another interesting link and accompanying rant:


Now, I find PETA to be fucking annoying. They try to convince you that you're the antichrist if you eat meat, and spend a good deal of money desperately trying to brainwash kids into thinking, among other things, that milk is bad for you.

So, I am TICKLED PINK to find out that those kind hearted, animal loving souls at PETA are NOT using donations from sympathetic pet owners to take care of the abandoned, abused, and stray animals that come into their care.

Nope. They kill 'em.

So where is all that money going? Why, into more brain-washing, of course! And destroying research labs. (FUCK YOUR MOM'S CANCER! Save the rats! Your kid is paralyzed? SHE'S SCREWED! RELEASE THE MONKEYS!)

Oh, how I LOVE IT when certain organizations get caught acting like the hypocritical fuck-ups we all know them to be!

***************later....back at the ranch....

.....I calmed my PETA-irritate nerves with french vanilla jello pudding. everybody say it with me now: