Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Maybe I need a personal blog secretary 

Once again, I had a whole day of "i'm going to blog that!" and i have totally forgotten all of them. When I get my NEW phone with VERIZON I am SO GOING to take advantage of the voice memo feature.

"note to self: blog about gay men liking boobies"

and people will overhear...and STAAAARE at me! hooray!

and now I remember: gay men and boobies. It's always been a bit of a mystery to us in the lab. The guy in the lab next to us is gay, but it took us a long time to confirm this, because whenever I spoke to him, he'd spend about 50% of the time staring at my boobages. WTF? He's GAY!

But then on the radio station this morning, they were getting all kinds of gay men calling in talking about how they find boobs fascinating and sometimes wanted to..."cuddle" with women and boobies, but generally were still 99.9% of the time attracted to men. More than one said "I love boobs, I just don't want them around me all the time."

Ohhh...gay men can like boobs? I had NO IDEA!!! Do I have any gay male readers? You lurkers out there...I know you're out there! Are you gay? Is this true?

Just take the goddamn compliment, already!

And speaking of gay men, it must be "boost ESC's self-esteem" week again in the choir. Both C and L and have been telling me what a GREAT job I'm doing. Huh? You sit BEHIND me! And it's not like I'm singing a solo, or anything.

I think they get a kick out of the weird look I get on my face when they do it. I just can't take a compliment! Unless it's about my shoes...or my outfit.

"i love your sandals, ESC!"

"ooh...thanks! I got them at Target!"


"you did a great job singing today, ESC!"



Screeching change of topic with no real transition.

I LOVE my dog. Oh My God...she is so FUN! I love how I can hide in a doorway, and then when she comes to see what I'm doing...I just CROUCH into a pounce position...and she TAKES OFF like a maniac, tearing around the condo at full speed! Then, of course, she can't stand it any more, and slooooowly creeps back to see if I'm still in the doorway...and then I DO IT AGAIN! WE CAN DO THIS FOREVER! And then...she passes out from joyful doggy exhaustion. And...this is the best part...I have NOT EVEN broken a sweat.

I love my dog.


Funniest conversation snippet of the day

We were discussing TV shows in the lab, when A, an Italian man from the Euro-fabulous lab next door (though A himself is not Euro-fabulous. Maybe Euro-middle-aged-sweet-but-goofy?) walks over to chat.

Me: Hey, A! Do you watch Desperate Housewives?

A : ehh...a-no....I-a chase them!"