Monday, May 30, 2005

lazy daze 

Memorial Day dawns bright and...wait...no...not bright. no....what's the word I'm looking for...

dismal. yeah, dismal. that's it.

DAMMIT! It's been beautiful, warm, and sunny for WEEKS! and this weekend has been rainy and cool. not condusive to our picnic plans.

Saturday was a laze around day, recovering from a loooong week.

Sunday we went to a Chinese buffet (mmmm...crab rangooooooons....) and then FINALLY got to see Revenge of the Sith.

(OK, in the first movie, Padme kind of kicked ass. she was a princess with attitude. This movie she wasn't capable of doing much more than growing more pregnant by the minute, and throwing her arms around Anakin's neck and saying 'Oh Ani, I'm so frightened!" WTF?)

I've spent a good deal of the weekend trying to convince Kev that even though I'm on my period, with the Insteads, we can STILL HAVE SEX! We're usually both pretty tired during the week, and weekends we play catch up! PLEASE FUCK ME, BABY! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY!!!

But the Insteads freak him out a bit. I think he muttered something about a "dixie cup" being up there. DAMMIT!

This morning I decided things had cleared up enough to take it out and commence with the loving. Mmmmm...FINALLY! A nice, relaxing, spoon position...mmmmm..

Today, instead of our romatic picnic at the park, we went shopping. Kev still had to use the $120 allowance he gets for khakis for work. He had the choice of one or two REALLY nice pairs of khakis...or LOTS OF CHEAP khakis. What do you think he decided?

Yeah, we went to wal-mart. I think he got 8 pairs of khakis and a pair of jeans, some underwear, and socks, all for $140. He's been GLOWING since we got home. Kev loves a good bargain...as do I - I bought some panties and yarn for knitting - hooray!

And how has the knitting been going, ESC?

wellll....I haven't been doing it as much as I should. I FINALLY finished the knit case for my two epi pens. i have to carry two around, and I was sick of them knocking around loose in my purse. My skills are still pretty basic, and I haven't taken on anything overly complicated yet. I did do a bang up job on the head kerchief in Stitch and Bitch (pictures of both coming soon, probably on flickr, so keep checking). But I wanted to try something more...

I thougt I'd try a pattern that SEEMED simple for a purse I found online. Until I read closer. Slip stitch? What the fuck is a slip stitch. THAT was not in Stitch and Bitch. Fortunately, Aimee was online, and walked me through it. Aimee, if you don't find a job soon, you can start a sewing and knitting crisis call line.

living with boys is gross

kev was just getting out of the shower last night, and I was at the sink, washing my face with my noxema face cream. With it all over my face, I looked at him in the mirror and grinned. He grinned back.




Me: ....




Boys are gross.


tonight on the INDOOR grill....

Grilled top sirloin steak

Grilled corn on the cob

potato salad

cole slaw