Tuesday, May 03, 2005

<----begin rant mode here-----> 

I am generally not too political or all current eventy in my blog, but as these events took place not to far away from me, I feel like I need to vent. And of course, like everyone else, I have an opinion.

"the runaway bride"

This is a story that was first local, and then got picked up nationally. It spread like an STD across the country. Journalists were CREAMING themselves. OH MY GOD! ANOTHER LACI PETERSON! LETS REPORT ONLY ON THIS TO COVER FOR THE FACT THAT WE ARE FUCKING COWARDS AND WON'T REPORT ANYTHING CRITICAL ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT AND OUR PRESIDENT GOD BLESS THE USA!

So yeah, lots of tears and prayers, where was she? was she dead? did she get cold feet? oh, how could this possibly happen to such a pretty, happy white woman?? (meanwhile, if it had been Lashawna from Oakhurst, no one would have cared, but that's just my cynical opinion)

And everyone prayed to God, Allah, Buddah, or Cymbol the Wood Nymph to Please Oh Please Let Her Be OK, but obviously what they were REALLY praying for was Please Oh Please Let Her Be Gruesomely Murdered So I Can Become A News Zombie and Take My Mind Off Of Important and Terrible Things Happening in the World Today, because when she was found, safe and sound, the public outrage has echoed across the land. HOW DARE SHE BE ALIVE AND SAFE? HOW DARE SHE HAVE RUN AWAY! HOW DARE SHE TOY WITH OUR EMOTIONS LIKE THAT???

OK, Rufus, put down the noose. Guess what? If you're an adult, it is NOT against the law to run away from home. Yes, she's a bitch for doing that to her family and her fiance', but...NOT ILLEGAL. So all those thousands of dollars spent by Gwinnett county? Yeah...gone. Yes, it was ultimately wasted. So? She didn't do anything illegal....UNTIL she lied and said she was kidnapped. Stupid. Hey, I'm not claiming she's the brightest star in the sky. But all you people out for blood because you were denied your scandal o' the month can just shut the FUCK up because, really...it's none of your damned business.

Why did she do it? Don't know. DON'T CARE. Probably a cry for help from a woman who everyone thought SHOULD be the happiest most perfect person in the world but inside was really a scared little girl who just needed an escape.

But of course, denied of their gory story, the media has continued to dissect the story down to minute details. And of course, begging for charges to be brought against her. Because THAT will drag it out for a while longer, allowing them to ignore REAL news for even longer! Hooray! And while we're at it, let's ridicule the fiance' for sticking by her (which he announced on Hannity and Colmes, which makes me question his judgement, and wonder if I would have run away as well...) because OH MY GOD we just can't comprehend this thing you call L...O...V...E? And that making a committment and a promise to someone might actually MEAN something, and that maybe you think he's a sap and a fool, but guess what....IT AIN'T NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS!

What should happen? Well, what SHOULD happen is that the family, in a good will and gracious gesture, will donate that $100,000 reward to the local police department. SHE should be charged with a misdemeanor for lying to the police and get some grungy community service, and then....WE CAN ALL GET OVER IT.

<-----/end rant mode----->