Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hola! Como esta? 

Oh yeah, 3 years of high school spanish. That's what I remember. And that's probably wrong!

OK, so enough with the anger and the ranting and dealing with stupid people.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate, for lunch I microwaved two small frozen burritos. I walk on the wild side.

Some random things that happened this week:

Jarring reminder that ESC lives in the South

I met the father of a girl who's apparently buying the condo on the other side of mine, in the front of the building. We chatted for a while when I took Sadie out for a pee. He was complaining about the condition of the place, and how they were going to have to replace all the appliances. I was unsympathetic, because they're getting the place for about $30,ooo less than what I paid, since it's a forclosure. Then he started telling me that the previous owner had replaced the hardware in the bathroom showers, but didn't replace the tiles that had to be removed to do so. He found this very annoying.

he asked me "Was she black?"

blink blink...the inner me really wanted to ask "what the hell does that have to do with anything?" but then I realized that he'd probably then TELL me, and that would be worse!

"Ummmm...no. actually, she was a very nice, older white woman."

"Well, she didn't replace those tiles, and just put PLASTIC WRAP over the empty spots. Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard? How much do a few tiles cost?"

Well, since she was forclosing, her motivation to spend money on the place was probably nill. But the implication that because the plastic wrap thing was so stupid, she must have been black annoyed the fuck out of me. I hope once his daughter moves in, that he's not around much. I will probably be disappointed, though.

Why I love my boyfriend, reason #359

Now that he's working again, Kev and I are now going to bed around the same time. So when it's time for me to take Sadie out for her last pee of the day, he will come out with me, to make sure no big bad mean people abduct me. We're usually ready for bed at this point. I just throw a sweater over my PJs, but Kev sleeps in his boxers. So instead of just putting on a coat, last night he grabbed a fleece blanket from a chair and threw it around his shoulders, almost like a cape. Then he just slipped on MY canvas flip flop sandals that were near the door, and followed me out...awkwardly, since the sandals didn't fit him all that well.

I told him he looked like the funniest super hero ever.

ESC loves a good deal

I found out that since I'm getting paid by the school, Verizon will consider me a school employee, and will give me a 20% discount instead of a 10% student discount. WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Plus free phones for me and Kev, and no start up fee. So we'll get two lines for $50 (plus fees, of course). Why did I not check into this back in November, when my sprint contract was up??? I really like Sprint, I've had them for 4 years now. But...damn...this is a good deal. SO LONG, SUCKERS!

It's like Christmas! Christmas in May!

About a year and a half ago, I tore apart my closet looking for several pairs of jeans. They were no where to be found. It wasn't long after the seasonal clothing change over, so I thought maybe they had been put away with the winter clothes. Nope, when the weather got cold, they were still no where to be found. I sadly concluded that they must have gotten mixed up with the "for Goodwill" pile and I would never see them again. I was really depressed about this, because among the missing was a cool pair that had a flowers appliqued' (sp?) on the front left thigh, and they FIT really well. I'd pretty much forgotten about it, until the other night, when Kev was going through his dresser, figuring out which of his clothes qualifed as "business casual." When he opened up the very bottom drawer, he said "oh, these are yours."


"these jeans. remember? you needed more space, so I let you use the bottom drawer."

ohhhh...dimly...this was when he first moved in and I lost half my closet space.

He pulled out the jeans with the flowers on them. "haven't you been looking for these?"


4 pairs of jeans, once lost, now are found! The Old Navy boot cuts, though...ummm....are a little tight now. Ooops. Drat, I loved those. I will keep them, of course, because VERY SOON....well...THIS WEEK....ummm...NEXT WEEK FOR SURE I will go on my drastic, must lose weight, high school reunion is in July, crash diet.

Soon. Very soon.