Thursday, May 19, 2005

Can ya hear me now, beeeeeeotch? 

Our phones! They came! I'm officially a Verizon Customer! (sorry Pup)

They were going to come either today or tomorrow, and I was expecting tomorrow, because the Verizon rep here at school called me Tuesday, the day after I started the whole process, to inform me that when she tried to access my credit...(oh shit oh shit...there are some snarky things on my credit...oh shit...they're going to deny me! they wouldn't right? I keep getting credit card offers..my credit can't be THAT bad! oh shit oh shit...)...but came up against my fraud blocker, so they needed some more info from me.


See, five or so years ago I got a call from the friendly people at Citibank. Seems they had two cards for me with two different mailing addresses, and were calling to confirm that that was correct.

ahem...I'm sorry...what?

Yep, somebody had gotten a hold of my SS# and opened up a card in my name. Thank God it was a company that catches that sort of thing. They had managed to spend a few hundred dollars, mostly on...manicures, apparently, and some restaurant charges. Pussies...they'd had it almost a month! What, no big screen TVs? I wasn't responsible for the charges, of course. But I would have to call the three credit agencies and tell them to put a fraud warning on my account. Basically, whenever I (or some punk ass crook) would try to open up a new line of credit, the company would have to call me and confirm that it was really me doing it.

Once since then I've gotten a call, someone else trying to open another card up using my SS#. Besides that one other time, I haven't had any more problems. So I don't have any plans to change my number yet, or anything. The good part is that i'm not really tempted to open up a bunch of store credit cards to save 10% because it's such a pain in the ass process now.

Also, when my credit snarked a year and a half ago (ohhhh... you mean I had to make those payments EVERY MONTH???) I decided to get help from a consumer credit counseling company (great people, I highly recommend them if you're feeling overwhelmed with credit bills), so they keep a close eye on suspicous activity as well.

Anyway...where was I? Oh, so I had to confirm that it was really me trying to get the phones, yes, I have a mortgage payment...it's through Company X. Amount of my monthly payment? I haven't a clue...that check goes out automatically through my bank's online bill pay...I could look it up online? Not neccessary. I answered some more questions and we were on our way!

I got the LG6100. There was a fancier motorola phone I could have gotten for the same price, but it didn't have as good user reviews. And really... I don't need bluetooth. Kev opted for fancy and got the Treo600, which, if you're interested, has come down SIGNIFICANTLY in price now that the Treo650 is out...and the only exciting new features is Bluetooth. Eh, who needs it! Now Kev and I BOTH have camera phones! We can take picture of each other while we both on the phone...WITH EACH OTHER!!! Ohh...I just want to ROLL AROUND NEKKID ON OUR COOL NEW PHONES!!!

but that would crush them and that would be bad...so I won't.

So now I'm IN, BABY!!! Who's IN with me? Let's exchange numbers and CHAT ALL DAY! FREE!!!

Public Service Announcement

Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" will now be the official theme song for summer. Thank you.

I didn't realize they came in 5 gallon size...

Kev went to walmart to get his oil changed. He came back with SUPER LARGE jars of dill pickles and green olives.

I shudder to think what would happen if I ever got that boy into Sam's club...

Sadie is shedding. Which means I'm doing a lot of this:

"Ack! ptooey! hack! *spit* bleah!"

I wish I could just vacuum all the hair she'll eventually lose off of her. Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner scares the CRAP out of her.

OK...I'm going to go play with my phone now!