Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"bun???" "no...BUNDT! BUNDTTTTTT" 

Important lesson learned yesterday: powdered sugar and birthday candles do not mix well...ESPECIALLY if you're holding the cake while they're being blown out. Ugh...what a mess!

NOT to toot my own horn...and when do I do that here, ever???, but I made the BEST DAMN CAKE EVER for someone's birthday yesterday. (we're a girl lab - when someone has a birthday, homemade cake for everyone!).

The cake was a super moist, dense, mouth watering chocolate chip bundt cake. (you can also make it in two loaf pans...but hey, I got to BUY A BUNDT PAN! MY LIFE IS (sorta) COMPLETE!). AND, best of all...it was made by just spiffing up a regular store-bought yellow cake mixnwith a few extra ingredients (like...puddin'), so it was SUPER easy.

The recipe came from a book, and I made it sans changes, so I'm not sure if I should post the recipe here...BUT, if you would like to make just the best. cake. ever, drop me an email - just click on the side bar over there. c'mon...you can do it! just click! I don't bite! well, not HARD anyway. OK, hard, but only in fun places.