Monday, April 11, 2005

"the world's most dangerous man" 

We're laying in bed, watching some "ultimate fighting champion" fight on Spike TV

They keep saying that he's "the world's most dangerous man."

uh huh

I don't know about that.

He's really good. He's only lost once.

So he's not REALLY the "the world's most dangerous man."

Well, I don't think he called himself that back then.

I think there's more dangerous men out there. Worse men.

He could probably kick anyone in the world's ass.

Yeah, but what about Osama bin Laden, or, like...other terrorist people?

That's different, they're not talking about guns and knives and stuff.

So...in the RING, he's the most dangerous man in the world.


But they don't SAY that "the world's most dangerous man IN THE RING...they just say "the world's most dangerous man ," and I don't think that's true.




so if that guy beats him, is he STILL "the world's most dangerous man?" or does the new guy become "the world's most dangerous man?"



you're THINKING too much! stop THINKING! JUST WATCH!

Oh, I forgot this is man TV...no thinking allowed with man TV.

like you need a lot of thinking for those medical shows.


later. "the world's most dangerous man" lost

THAT WAS IT??? All that build up for THAT? That was QUICK!

Yep. You get really good guys, it's either really quick, or really long.

So is he no longer "the world's most dangerous man?"


much kissing and wrestling and rolling around and....ahem. No more discussion of UFC and dangerous men.