Wednesday, April 27, 2005

with....EXTRA CHEESE!!!! 

I am giving into the universe and snacking on cheese and crackers. BLEU CHEESE and crackers, and even more specifically "bleu D'Auvergne" that's "unpasteurized". Deadly! deadly french unpasteurized cheese! Closest thing to an orgasm you can spread on a cracker. Mmmmmmm....


Briefly watched "fear factor" as a guy tried to choke down a thousand year old egg. Kev noted that they were a delicacy in some countries.

I wonder...if there is an equivalent to "fear factor" in those "some countries," and if it goes something like this:

"you challenge...if you can do it...is...to eat...


absolute look of disgust on contestants face as he stuffs down some of the weekly Dominoes special

"oooohhhhh...no! he threw it up! no prize for you! next contestant....you must eat....A BEEF AND BEAN CHEESEY BURRITO!!!!"


Is our food disgusting in other cultures? Probably. Who cares?

stuffs down more unpastuerized fancy french cheese on saltines