Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tug of war! 

Seriously, I had nothing today. Some failed experiments - how do I mess up a miniprep? with a KIT???? Dammit. And other than that...nuthin'.

Oh, a quick PSA: guys, keep your fingernails short and well manicured - no hang nails or jagged edges. Or at least keep ONE finger neat, if you want to go bare minimal. The really important one. The one you "warm us up" with the most. This is important. CRITICAL, EVEN!


To round out this post, how about some Sadie pictures? EVERYONE loves Sadie pictures!

Sadie loves tug of war. She'll pull you on your ass if you let her. She's also growling quite menacing during all this. Actually, she sounds a bit like a pirate: "arrrrrrr....arrrrrrrr....arrrrrrr"Posted by Hello

Evildoer's beware! Posted by Hello

Look at those nasty teeth! Posted by Hello

Remember a while back when Sadie hurt her paw? We tried a few things to get her to stop licking it. Here is an unsuccessful yet comical attempt: the duct taped sock. She had this off in about 5 minutes. But seriously, how pathetic does she look here?Posted by Hello

We tried a few times with the sock. Still didn't work. But this pic shows the adorably fuzzy scarf I made her. It matches on I made for myself. HOW GEEKY AM I???? Posted by Hello