Thursday, April 28, 2005

spam spam spam spammity spam! 

I'm torn.

I got what I believe was a spam email on my gmail account. But it was different than most spam email. For one, it didn't try to sell me "c1alis" or "v1agra" or tell me that I need to "give her what she wants!" or anyting stupid like that.

It was simple, to the point...and intriguing....and against my better judgement...I clicked.


Oh...my....what a FABULOUS IDEA!!!! Because only the stupid religious right and only the most ignorant of politicians would fail to secure that domain name.

So...should I spread the spam joy around? I have no idea how I got on this list...but I'm lovin' it.

It's a little NSFW....no pictures, or anything...but some graphic descriptions. It's one of those sites that says its one thing, but is really something quite different, in a very ironic and satiric way.

So...click at your own risk. Here's the email:

patricia randall
to me

A celebration on non-penetration!
This is what happens when you spend 400 million on abstinence only education and neglect to secure the domain name... Enjoy!

My favorite one is the "anal abstinence." BWAHAHAHAAA!

ohhhh...my......*snort*...."faith fucking".....aahhhhhh.....yeah.