Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday blogging 

I watched CNN all night yesterday, and then all morning and part of the afternoon today...waiting. I wanted to be glued to the TV when it happened, I wanted to hear the announcement, I wanted to hear the bells.

A little after 2, I decided that it was time to change out of my PJ's and go to the lab for a little while. I had cultures to start, and plates and tubes to set up for monday.

I get home around 4, turn on the TV, and D'OH! HE HAD DIED RIGHT AFTER I LEFT! Dammit.

I am not catholic, and you KNOW I'm not particularly reverent. I disagree with alot of what the Catholic church and the pope have stood for: their views on homosexuality, their stance on birth control, their anti-abortion stance.

But I respect a man who has led a good and holy life. A man who has stood up for his beliefs and who has done much to spread the faith. A man who has spoken out against war, against communism, against the slaughter of innocents during ethnic cleansing.

You have done good work with your life, Karol. May you rest peacefully in God's embrace.

I talked to Kev last night. His mom is in good spirits, but has a long recovery ahead of her. She had to have a full hip replacement. Her shoulder is set, and her arm is bound to her torso, no cast. When she gets out of the hospital (we don't know when that will be), she'll have to go to a rehabilitation center for at least a month.

ugh. poor Kev's mom. He spent last night with her in the hospital. Probably tonight, too.

He'll be home tomorrow. His sister and her family live close to his mom, so they'll make sure she get's taken care of. We'll probably both make a trip there soon, to see her.


I got another charley horse in bed this morning. That's twice this week! Why do they call it a "charley horse," anyway? that is WAY too cute a phrase for such a vicious, painful event. Why don't they call it "sharp, pointy knives stabbing into your calf muscle," because THAT'S what it feels like.

Dammit. I've been limping all day.


If you're looking for a nice treat, I highly recommend Godiva's chocolate covered cookies and cream ice cream. mmmmmmm....


I bought a pint of it to console myself during my weekend alone!