Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Satan hearts the religious right 

This isn't going to be a political post. I just thought I'd piss some people off via google searches.

In an effort to snack healthier, I picked up some orange flavored dried cranberries on my recent trip to the farmers market. A little while ago I ate about a handful - they taste like candy! Mmmmm!!!

5 minutes later, my lips swelled up. I must be allergic to something in them...sulfites maybe? There's no ingredient list....just "orange flavored cranberries" in a bulk plastic bag.
The universe is obviously conspiring against me and my efforts to eat healthily. The universe, apparently, prefers that I eat Doritoes.

I am not about to argue with the universe.

I just happened *cough* to be browsing around, and just happened *cough* to bring up the weblog review site. Ohh...hmmmm...interesting...there's a spot open for a review...hmmm...

well, if JULIE'S doing it, and LIAPS is doing it...well, I gotta jump on that bandwagon.

Just for scientific purposes, you understand. Just curiosity. Not for my EGO or anything.


Maybe I should have listed myself under "adult" and not "personal?" That's a tough call.

So is there anything about my site that's been bugging any of you? Besides content (pbbbbth!). Sidebar is wonky on your browser? You hate my font (my font should be tempus sans ms, if you're not seeing that, your computer sucks. our older Dell at work that I'm on right now, sucks). Speak now, or forever hold your peace. You only have....welll....probably a few months. And I will most likely forget about it.