Friday, April 01, 2005

Obligatory April Fool's Nonsense... 

1. I'm quitting my blog, it takes up way too much of my time, and blah blah blah whine whine nobody likes me and there's a big conspiracy against me, blah blah whine blah.

2. I'm pregnant. Yep, just got the results of the test. Peein' on that little wand thingie. I used the new digital ones because I'm too stupid to interpret a "+" and "-".

3. When Kev found out I was pregnant, he left me. Packed up all his shit and moved out last night. Said he's not ready to be a dad. Just as well, I'm not entirely sure he's the father anyway.

4. The pope is dying.

oops, that last one is true. sorry. Unless that some kind of really cruel Vatican april fool's joke, in which case I'd be really pissed...though very impressed.

The truth:

I will give up my blog when someone wrenches it from my cold, dead hands.
I am not pregnant.

Kev IS gone for the weekend. His mom fainted and fell the other day, breaking a hip and messing up her shoulder. She had surgery and is still in the hospital. So Kev's headed to alabama to see her - right into the mess that is our weather right now. Greeeaaaat.

It was kind of a crappy week for the whole lab, so I instituted the emergency "cheer everyone up" plan, which is basically THAI FOOD DELIVERY! So yummy thai food for lunch and everyone's mood has improved noticably. Also, we had an afternoon meeting with terra chips and cookies. Sugar rush commensing....now. Ahhhh....

I will be ALL ALONE this weekend (unless you're a stalke/killer, in which case I will be ALL ALONE...WITH my snarling drooling vicious dog, Sadie. Don't let the pictures fool you, she'll LICK YOUR LEG OFF, BASTARD!). Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping! Wal...I mean that store that shall not be named...HERE I COME! Maybe Target, too. Weather is warm, I need nice new clothes now!

So far today I have been left un-Punk'd. April fools is such a non event! When I was little I would make silly hats and sun glasses and wear them to school. Oh yeah, I was the most popular kid in my class, didn't you know. Those were rocks of LOVE the kids were throwing.

Have a sweeet weekend, kids! ;)