Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mucho Male Miniskirt Madness ***tax update*** 

Finally rented Troy last night. I unsuccessfully argued against it being a chick flick. Kev had owed me a chick flick since Valentine's day, when we tried to go see Hitch, but the Universe conspired against us.

"but...there's war! and fighting! and guys getting impaled and losing limbs!"

"uh huh...but there's plenty eye candy for you"

"well...there's eye candy for YOU, too!"

"there's MORE for you. it's a chick flick"


I didn't help my case much by screaming "ROLL OVER JUST A LITTLE MORE!" every time Mr Pitt appearred all nekkid on screen, which was quite a bit. Yummy! Who knew Achilles preferred sleeping in the nude? I think Homer must have left that bit out. Fool. Would have made english class junior year MUCH MORE INTERESTING! Hooray for artistic license!

So I've used up my chick flick points for a little while. That means I probably won't be able to see Closer for awhile. He wants to go see Sahara. I want to see Hitchhiker's. Yay!

How to torture a boy while watching a movie.

"how about a banana. that's a healthy snack."

"OK. I can use it to torture you with."

"UH HUH...I'm not going to watch you, then"



"I just looooooove wrapping my lips around a banana"


"mmmmmmm...." *lots of tongue*

*glance* "DAMMIT!!!"


I love torturing him with bananas. Or popsicles. Or really...any prop, position, quick reveal, touch, or gesture that will provide me with torture fun goodness at any time when we're together.


Unrelated, yet disgustingly fascinating...

Remote-controlled headless zombie flies!!!!!!

(which would be a great name for a band!)



yes, I just did them.


yeah...so WHAT if it's the last minute? the point is I DID them...all by myself!

well...one phone call to my father. just to get my AGI for e-filing. Then dad asked me about declaring my state refund from last year, and I said "umm...what?"

so an hour on the phone and two panic attacks later, that phone call cost me $75 of my federal refund, but probably saved a painful audit. Boooo!

See, the only real problem I have with TurboTax is that while they ask you simple questions to see what forms should be filled out, they tend to clump them together in odd ways. Like "did you purchase a yacht or receive a state tax refund in 2004?"

see? your eyes just see "yacht" and you press "NO" automatically, not catching that trap. So good old dad saved me. That and his organization skills. He had sent me copies of my taxes last year, and they're probably around...somewhere. Most likely in storage, actually.

But, again...THE IMPORTANT thing, is that I'm a GROWN UP PERSON who DID HER OWN (sort of) TAXES and is RECEIVING A LARGE REFUND that will immediately go to MY CONDO ASSOCIATION and MY SCHOOL for paying waaay overdue bills.

See? Grownup!