Sunday, April 03, 2005

Modern torture devices 

Even though I've had the dance pad for PS2 for almost three weeks now, I haven't had any time to test it out. I knew I had to get to it soon, because I didn't want to talk to my mom and have her ask me if I've used it, and say no, and then she'll be all like "I BOUGHT that for you becaused you PROMISED you would EXCERICISE with it!"

Well, not really. All I said was that I thought they were cool, and I'd like to try it out.

Anyway, I unhooked the PS2 from the tv in the spare room (Kev doesn't play it any more, anyway) and moved it to the living room. Set up the dance pad, put on a sports bra and a t shirt, and I was ready to go!

I decided to start with the beginners training level. This consisted of 3 sets of 8 practice rounds, whereby you learn the basic steps. It all seemed so very elementary.







etc etc.

boooring. Then it got complicated.

left right left down right left

whoa. slow down. there was a creepy animation on the side that was a huge blonde head with two big feet that showed you which foot went where, and tips woud flash on the bottom of the screen. Problem was, I was too busy paying attention to the arrows scrolling up the screen to be able to take advantage of the help.

leftleft right jump twist jump left downupdown left down leftupleftupright jump jump twist jump!

whew! I had worked up a good sweat just finishing the basic training!

Played a few single player games. You should have SEEN the looks I was getting from my dog! First she just stood there, tail wagging, tongue out....bitch was LAUGHING at me! So I made her go into her crate, where she would occasionally peek out to see if I was still making a fool of myself.

But it was FUN! I think I'm getting the hang of it. Soon I'll be hanging out at Dave and Busters, showing up all the punk ass kids.

Yeah, right.

This is probably also a bad time for a new neighbor to be moving in below me. What they probably heard all afternoon: thump thump WHAM thump WHAM!

Hehe...then Kev finally got home, and the noises started up again...one room over. thump thump thump "aaaahhhoooohhhhhyeeaaahhhhhhYEEEAAAHHHHYESYESYESYEEEESSSS....!!!!!"

they're going to LOVE living here!