Monday, April 04, 2005

The Green Plague 

- I'm sneezing more

- if I rub my eyes, they get poofy and runny

- my car is just begining to show a faint greenish sheen

Pollen season has come to atlanta. Delayed this year, because of all the rain.

No, see, you don't UNDERSTAND....POLLEN SEASON!

You think YOU have pollen where you're from. Nuh uh. No you don't. You have NOTHING.

Within a week, my car, along with everyone elses, will undergo a complete color change - to greenish yellow. There will be very long lines at all carwashes, people futilely trying to get back to their natural color. Why both? Within a day, your car will be green again. Had I knows this, I would have bought a greeny car.

Pollen will cover everything, not just your cars. My balcony will be dusty. If you sit too still long enough outside, YOU will be dusty.

My first spring in atlanta was some kind of record year for pollen...something like 100 times the normal amount. It actually looked FOGGY outside due to the swirling pollen.

I will probably have to change the air filter in my condo two times in a month.

You think you know pollen? YOU DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT!

I've got my benedryl and eye drops.

be afraid....be very afraid!!!!

conversation 5 seconds ago (live, not IM)

gonna try some of this yogurt for dessert

I had the apple pie flavored one for lunch

so was it OK? not being your fancy expensive yogurt?

yeah, not bad. the fat free stuff has a weirder texture, but I bought it because the regular was fruit on the bottom only.

you don't like fruit on the bottom?

that's why I always buy yoplait! I can never get even flavor distribution with fruit on the bottom!


WHA-at? I need to have even flavor distribution!!!

I think I might have to break up with you over this.