Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The ESC's new clothes 

Last night after work I went to Target to see if they had that laptop bag I mentioned the other day. They didn't - poo! But I can never leave Target empty handed. Came home with khaki capris, a lime green top, and canvas flip-floppy sandals - total cost: $27 + tax. I bought other stuff, too, of course. But I was particularly proud of my clothing bargains. Actually, I might have gotten an even BETTER bargain, had I realized what a pushover my cashier was. Some drinks I bought didn't scan. "how much were these" "ummm...2.65? I think?" "OK" tap tap tap beep!


Then the top rang up $12.99. "oh...um...I thought that was on sale...$9.99 I think" Actually, I wasn't sure. There were multiple styles on the rack, and the sign said $9.99 AND & $12.99, but it was worth a shot. I figured she'd call over to the women's department. Nope! "OK!" tap tap tap beep! Sweet. I should have said they were $5.99. But that would have been WRONG OF ME!

I was so proud of my clothes that I wore them today, sandals and all! Like when you're 7 and have to wear all your new school clothes RIGHT AWAY! HOORAY FOR NEW CLOTHES!!! EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! At least I didn't wear them out of the store :)

I ordered the laptop bag from the website. I pay more for shipping...but IT'S TOO CUTE NOT TO BUY!

I have spent most of the day labeling and cataloging the 26 PCR primers (22 of them all for the same gene, with restriction sites on the end...keeping these ones straight in my brain will be a nightmare) that I ordered monday that arrived much quicker than I expected! Yay! But ohhh...how boring to enter them into our complicated organizational structure.

Today's Lesson Learned: Foil packets of salad dressing have expiration dates that should be heeded. HEEDED, I SAY! Even though you may think "hey, it's just oil and vinegar and dried herbs, how bad could it get, sitting in my desk drawer for a year or so?"

Bad. Very...very...bad.