Friday, March 25, 2005

yes, I said maple syrup. 

Today is the first Good Friday in a long time that I remembered the whole day to not eat meat. I don't really make any conscious effort to avoid meat on fridays during lent. but for some reason, Good Friday, I make the effort. unfortunatetly, while I usually have a fish meal planned for dinner, I usually brain fart in the morning and bring a ham sandwich for lunch. today I was late for work because I made TUNA SALAD baby! mmm...lunch was good...

I also realized tonight that the problem with being somewhat of an "experimental" cook, often I stumble upon something REALLY great, and have no idea how I did it. For example, I made salmon tonight. I wanted a bit of asian flair, so I decided to make a soy sauce based marinade. So...ok...what do I have in the condiment department that I can add to soy sauce?

sweet and sour sauce
wasabe powder
sesame oil
rice vinegar
maple syrup
ummm...I think that's it. I was really just grabbing stuff out of the pantry.

Marinade for about a half hour, bake in oven at 350. pour the remaining marinade into a sauce pan, bring to boil. add corn starch dissolved in water to thicken. use as glaze for salmon and dip for accompanying grilled asparagus.

now...HOW MUCH of each ingredient did I use? I have no idea. a couple shakes, a dash, a squirt...until it.."looked" right. Kev wants me to remember all this so I can make it again.

guess I'll just have to experiment!