Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Since I got my poster and committee meeting out of the way, I gave my laptop over to our brand new department computer guy. I was a little nervous, because after all, he is the NEW computer guy. Not the more familiar wonderful previous guy. But new guy is definately earning his keep. He got my laptop back to me by the end of the day, with the following improvements:

- Windows XP professional
- service pack 2
- CD burning software
- Office 2003
- Dreamweaver
- Adobe suite - thought I didn't get photoshop this time. he gave me Illustrator. for those in the know...is that better or worse? Is it user friendlier? Because while photoshop was way cool, I was woefully inept at using it to the fullness of it's capabilities.

- Connections to school and department networks


I had the forsight to save all my customization setups (yahoo messenger, firefox, gmail notifier, etc) in a single folder, which I put on my folder on the network. So it was just a question of reloading the folder, and then running all the setups! Hooray!

Now I can finally transfer everything from the previous hard drive, now safely tucked away on Kev's computer, back on to the laptop. My documents, pictures, and mp3s.


And strangely horney. Excuse me, I'm going to find Kev...